You and Your Big Ideas Gallery (YAYBIG)

January 14, 2013




You and Your Big Ideas Gallery (YAYBIG) is a new gallery I opened in Tucson, AZ. Located at 174 E Toole Ave, across the street from Scrappy’s, and behind the Tucson City Court building. Why did I do this, why for? Well, the main reason is to give all the great artists in Tucson an new place to show their work. Tucson has so many great artist and not a lot places to show work. I also did it so I can show my own work, self-serving yes it is. I also want artist to push themselves, to use the whole space, to make installations, performance, and any thing else you can cook up. The photos are of the space along with the first show of Tucson woodcut artist. Featuring the work of Danny Martin, Rudy Fores, Martin Quintanilla, and myself, Joe Marshall. This show will be up at least until the end of January.



The next scheduled show is of Tucson screen printers Gonzalo Espinosa, Joshoa Woodhall, Karl Whitker. These three work out of The Sculpture Resource Center on Stone Ave. The show will run from Saturday, March 2nd until Sunday March 31st, 2013. ¬†In April, Jeik from Tanline Printing will be show off his wares. The show dates are April 1st until April 14th, 2013. I will post updates here and on the YAYBIG facebook page. I can’t wait to see all the great stuff that is going to happen, so keep an eye and ear out for YAYBIG.

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