The Invisible Journey

February 10, 2014

Here is the final version of the print Homepage, the first of the Invisible Journey, three colors on Echizen Hosho.


Here is the second stage of Mountain Interface with two colors, Med Blue, and Ultramarine Blue, on Echizen Hosho


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Upcoming Woodblock printing classes at The Drawing Studio

December 21, 2013
Andrew Lenards work from a Color Reduction class
Amy Novelli rabbit form a Woodblock Weekend
Hey Pork Chop Press and YAYBIG friends. this post is to let you all know about two great Woodblock classes I am teaching at The Drawing Studio, these classes are great for beginners and intermediate students, all tools and supplies are included, and they are a lot of fun, so sign up and tell a friend.
Joe Marshall
Woodcut Weekend 
Joe Marshall
1 Friday evening 6–9 PM, 1 Saturday & 1 Sunday 10 AM–4 PM
 January 17 – January 19
Intrigued by woodblock, but not sure if it’s
for you? This workshop provides the perfect
opportunity to learn and practice the basic
techniques of woodblock by designing, cutting,
and printing a woodblock print without having to
purchase tools, inks, paper. For both beginners
and the experienced. The focus will be cutting,
tool care, composition and printing. We will only
be using black ink in this class.
Fee: $185 (Associates, $160) all materials and
tools included.
Color Reduction Woodcut 
Joe Marshall
4 Saturday mornings 9 AM–12 PM
February 1 – February 22
Pre-requisite: Students must have taken a
woodcut weekend or have a good handle on
woodblock techniques. Reduction woodblock
printing is a name used to describe the process
of using one block to print several layers of color
on one print. This usually involves cutting a small
amount of the block away, and then printing
the block many times over on different sheets
before washing the block, cutting more away
and printing the next color on top. This allows
the previous color to show through. This process
can be repeated many times over. In this
process only one block is needed, and different
components of an intricate design will line up
perfectly. We will approach color as value, with
three to four value ranges total.
Fee: $165 (Associates $145) All materials and
tools provided.
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Pork Chop Press Open Studio at YAYBIG 2014

November 6, 2013


Hey EveryOne, this weekend Saturday, Nov. 9th, and Sunday, Nov. 10th, both from 11 AM- 5 PM is Open Studio Tour. I will be there both as YAYBIG Director and me Joe Marshall of Pork Chop Press. Also there with YAYBIG’s new flat file and showing my own prints and work of local printmakers Gonzalo Espinosa, and Danny Martin along with others.



New for 2014 will be a print subscription from , me and Mo Ichido Publishing.  Mo Ichido is a new print publisher I created to help spread the word and image of printmaking, this is my first subscription. When you subscribe you receive 1 print per month for a year. This is a great opportunity to support Mo Ichido Publishing and printmaking, while building your print collection. The name of the subscription is “The Invisible Journey”, and each print is like a chapter heading from a longer/larger story. Centered around a trained Shadow Shaman, named Maze. All prints in “The Invisible Journey” are cut on 6′ x 8″, 3/8″ Shina plywood blocks, in three to four colors. Handprinted on quality paper, each print is signed and chopmarked by me the printmaker. It also includes a handmade folio of acid-free materials. This way you may look at the print at your own pace and have the story unfold. The subscription fee is $35 a month through PayPal or $420 for the year through Square, forms will be available at Open Studio.

The Invisible Journey


The Invisible Journey/full subscription on Square Market


The rough draft drawing for the print “The Dead Tree”

So this we have Suzanne Chapman in the gallery. She 2D mixed media pieces and some 3D work in the form of a Birdhouse development.



We will have Cass Wensel- Kanne with her awesome bead jewelry here are some samples, each piece is made with great intention and attention to detail, come down talk to her about her work.








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Print A Rama part 2 at YAYBIG

September 12, 2013

Here are some photos of the Print A Rama a bama at YAYBIG myself and Martin Quintanilla put on. It was a great opening, folks showed up and hung out and bought art sweet!9-13f

Three shadow masters, the ninja shadow seekers.


Wide view of the Shtor





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Print A Rama bonazoa at YAYBIG opening this Sept 7th

September 3, 2013


You and Your Big Ideas Gallery opens up for the fall with a show of new work from two of Tucson’s most well known and best printmakers, Joe Marshall and Martin Quintanilla.
This show will include woodcuts, relief, etching, works on paper and cloth. The opening is Saturday, Sept. 7th, 6pm-9pm.
This show will run from Sept 1st until Sept 29th, 2013, here is a small preview.



ShadowMaster, woodcut using plywood, printed on French Paper Co Duotone paper image 15″x30″


ShadowMaster 2, woodcut using plywood, printed on French Paper Co Duotone paper image 15″x30″




Martin Quintanilla relief cut with hand made frame


Martin Quintanilla relief cut with hand made frame




~Homage à la Calaca~

22″ x 30″

Mexican sole rubber Cut on Parcel paper

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Upcoming Events ,where , when, how

August 26, 2013

So with the end of August coming up I have a few events to get out there. The first is the Art Mart, this Saturday August 31st at Club Congress, this event is run by Tucson’s own Slobby Robby, the last was great so check it out.  Click the link for more details. The next event is The Drawing Studio’s Try It festival held Saturday Sept 7th, I will be in the print room from 9 am- 10:30 am for a woodblock demo, so if you want a taste come check it out. And lastly a quick preview of the reopening of YAYBIG with a print show from myself and Martin Quintanilla.


These hats are printed at Tanline Printing and are available at YAYIG and will be at the Art Mart. $12 each or 2 for $20.


These Tshirts were designed and printed by Michelangelo, my son, two designs, ninja or animal head, $10 each. They are available at YAYBIG and will be at Art Mart.


These two fine gentlemen would love to see you at The Drawing Studio’s Try It Festival, and give Woodblock printing a go, say what!

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Wee Gallery show until the end of May

May 8, 2013

So here are some images from my show at Wee Gallery here in Tucson. The show’s title is “I’m sorry and I love you.” are all portraits of my family and are all color reduction woodcuts. I want to thank Tom Baumgartner for giving me this chance to show my work. Check it.










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April 30, 2013

Art Based Community Action at YAYBIG April 2013Inspired by his new knowledge that many animals are endangered and that our good friend Joe Marshall has a new gallery called “You And Your Big Ideas”, Thackery came up with a big idea of his own to save some animals. We are inviting your children to participate, and you can invite other children. It is called KID ARC (Art to Rescue Creatures) Children’s artwork displayed and sold to raise funds for a variety of organizations working to save endangered animal species. In celebration of Earth Day, YAYBIG is pleased, honored, and excited to host KID ARC’s exhibition. All kids and all favorite species welcome. We have selected Center for Biological Diversity and all sales are to be donated.

We raised $425.50 for the Center for Biological Diversity.

Here is some of the great work from the show:




A view of the arch…


Reyna’s three friends.


¡Hamster Power! by Reyna


a view of the wall. . .


Bunny by Reyna



Taylor’s awesome print.


Tree with Peacock by Reyna



other view of the wall


Yeti by Thackery

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Chris Hutter at YAYBIG May 2013

April 23, 2013

When Chris Hutter looks at the world you may not see what he sees, so he makes a painting.

After nearly two decades of painting, I have arrived at a style that reflects the mysteries of everyday life. My forms and shapes are at the same time ordinary and simple, yet can be very powerful and moving.

Many of my paintings are black and white, cutting to the basics of form and shape, but even those in color remain simple, yet mysterious and strong.

The show runs from May 1st thru May 26th, Opening is this Saturday, May 4th from 6pm-9pm.

You and Your Big Ideas Gallery

174 E Toole Ave

Tucson AZ




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Summer Woodblock Class Schedule at The Drawing Studio

April 8, 2013

So I have my Summer Woodblock class schedule set.  Along with the Woodblock Weekends, there are two new offerings. First is a Big Block Woodcut, which runs through the summer. And the Tuesday night lab from 6 pm – 8:30 pm, which starts in May. The lab start lines with the print show and allows Big Block woodcut students to come in and work on their blocks. All classes are at The Drawing Studio 33 S. 6th Ave. You can sign-up online at

Big Block Woodcuts                       

June 29th,  July 13th, August 3rd, 24th

Saturday 10am – 4pm

with Tuesday night labs

This is chance for students to create, draw, carve, and print a big block. Each student with have a 15″ x 30″ birch plywood block to carve. Spread over the summer we will officially  meet four Saturday mornings. And each student as a opportunity to use the Tuesday Relief lab twice, to carve and proof your block. This is a step up from smaller works as the student must have a solid composition. Although all tools and materials are provided, I recommend students have a set of carving tools they are comfortable using. This should be an awesome class and a chance to make a print that will push and come out great.

Also at The Drawing Studio starting this May, is the Tuesday night Relief Printmaking Lab, 6pm-9pm.

So far I have two monitors in training so anyone else who wants to train can let me know. This lab is for students and printmakers working in any relief print medium. This lab allows printmakers to work on projects and to sharpen your carving and printing skills. Working in a group is great way for knowledge and information to get passed around. Come on down and Spread The Ink. The fee is only $65.00 per month.

Woodblock Weekend 

Section A  July  19th – 21st

Friday 6pm – 9pm,

Saturday, Sunday 10am – 4 pm


Woodblock Weekend 

Section B  August 16th – 18th

Friday 6pm – 9pm,

Saturday, Sunday 10am – 4 pm

Woodcuts are one of the most  expressives medium. This
workshop is the perfect opportunity to learn and
practice the basic techniques of woodblock and try
your hand  at designing, cutting, and
printing a woodblock print without having to buy a
bunch of tools, inks, paper, and the like. This class
is for both beginners and folks who want to try their
hands at woodcuts again. The focus will be cutting,
tool care, composition and printing. We will only be
using black ink in this class.
Fee: $180 (Associates, $155) All materials and tools

You can sign-up online at

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